ShieldHub to provide criminal background check scoring and monitoring that improves contractor safety at every stage of engagement.

ShieldHub, a criminal background risk scoring and monitoring solution for independent contractors, is pleased to announce that it has been selected by NVMS as a preferred screening solution for its panel of over 30,000 vendors including inspectors, property data collectors, and field service professionals. ShieldHub will be providing a portable background check solution that includes integrated digital identity and continuous monitoring.

“We’re pleased that NVMS has selected ShieldHub to assist them in building a fully compliant and continuously monitored contractor workforce that emphasizes occupant safety.” stated Shane Copeland, CEO of ShieldHub. “While implementing their strategic growth initiatives, NVMS discovered that ShieldScore clarity and portability would streamline vendor engagement by ensuring that contractors are continuously monitored and vetted for work. NVMS will be able to screen vendors through their own private branded portal which will manage the entire process and provide continuous feedback identifying any potential risk with their contractor panel.”

“Ensuring proper background screening on over 30,000 vendors can be a daunting task,” said Joe Volk, Director of Business Development. “For the safety of occupants and their property, it is essential for us to obtain a current background check at the time of engagement, which often requires our vendors to purchase multiple background checks per year. With ShieldHub, if the ShieldScore qualifies, we can engage the vendor knowing that score is continuously checked against national crime databases.”

ShieldHub is a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant criminal background-monitoring technology solution that enables a risk composite ShieldScoreTM indicator for managing risk while engaging independent contractors. Unlike periodic background checks, ShieldHub includes continuous 24/7 monitoring and alerts when an independent contractor is out of compliance with the client’s risk policy. ShieldHub assigns each user a unique anonymized ShieldID™ (ABC#) that provides partners with evidence of risk compliance and assurance to independent contractors they have control of limiting the sharing of sensitive personal information with multiple clients or partners. Additionally, since the ShieldID™ number is owned by the individual, for the first-time independent contractors have complete portability to share their score to any ShieldHub partner while avoiding the redundant and costly nature of multiple background checks.

About ShieldHub

ShieldHub is dedicated to supporting safe business and personal interactions by empowering users with the information they need to monitor and assess risk. Unlike traditional background checks, ShieldHub’s technology provides continuous criminal monitoring and scoring to ensure that our partners are never out of compliance. ShieldHub currently monitors thousands of finance industry professionals and contractors, providing a secure portable background score that can be used at any ShieldHub partner. ShieldHub’s simplified contractor and employee assessment offers a streamlined, cost-effective validation and onboarding experience. Combined with standardized data and scoring, ShieldHub offers unparalleled clarity as to the scope and accuracy of the monitoring.

About NVMS

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