Influunt to address rising appraiser and inspector background risk and identity theft by expanding background screening options with ShieldHub

ShieldHub, a criminal background scoring and monitoring solution for independent contractors, is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Influunt (EDWOSB) as a preferred screening solution for their appraiser, agent, and inspection vendors. ShieldHub will be providing a portable background check solution that includes integrated digital identity validation and continuous monitoring.

“Influunt is a rapidly growing provider of innovative valuation and inspection services for the financial services industry,” stated Shane Copeland, CEO of ShieldHub. “We’re pleased that Influunt has expanded their background screening solution to provide an easy way for vendors to meet their contractor ID validation and criminal screening requirements. Packaged with Digital ID verification and continuous monitoring, ShieldHub easily ensures end-to-end background check compliance and simple auditing across thousands of vendors.”

“In our business you’re only as good as your vendor panel and safety of occupants is one of our and our client’s highest priorities,” said Zan James, Founder and CEO of Influunt. “Every day our vendors encounter homeowners and consumers, and it’s our mission to ensure that every interaction is safe and exceptional. We believe that identifying and screening for the best vendors from the start is key to ensuring client satisfaction. ShieldHub not only allows us to build and maintain a trusted contractor network, but we know that features like portability and shareable risk scoring are popular and part of our recruitment strategy.”

ShieldHub is a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant criminal background-monitoring technology solution that enables a risk composite ShieldScoreTM indicator for managing risk while engaging independent contractors. Unlike periodic background checks, ShieldHub includes continuous 24/7 monitoring and alerts when an independent contractor is out of compliance with the client’s risk policy. ShieldHub assigns each user a unique anonymized ShieldIDTM (ABC#) that provides partners with evidence of risk compliance and assurance to independent contractors they have control of limiting the sharing of sensitive personal information with multiple clients or partners. Additionally, since the ShieldIDTM number is owned by the individual, for the first-time independent contractors have complete portability to share their score to any ShieldHub partner while avoiding the redundant and costly nature of multiple background checks.