ShieldHub IC01+ is designed to identify vendors with the lowest risk score.

ShieldHub Inc., a provider of the new standard in criminal background scoring technology solutions for independent contractors, is pleased to announce the launch of a new “plus” designation to highlight our lowest risk scoring independent contractors with no reportable criminal convictions .

“As ShieldScore sets a new standard in how criminal background data is measured, we felt it necessary to highlight those contractors that have maintained a clear criminal background,” said Shane Copeland, CEO of ShieldHub. “The IC01 score standard was a model designed to provide our flagship mortgage field services clients with the highest measure of trust and safety for the scope of work being performed. After a recent analysis across thousands of vendors, it became apparent that a large percentage of the contractors have clear background checks with no convictions. Enhancing the score as IC01+ allows us to identify and represent the lowest risk indication for independent contractors in the network while enabling new opportunities for contractors to work across multiple industry sectors.”

IC01+ designation will be available to ShieldIDs issued l beginning April 2, 2024. “Our clients rely on ShieldHub to maintain independent contractor and vendor background check compliance,” stated Joshlynn Russell, EVP Operations and Compliance at ShieldHub. “The new plus designation is designed to provide clients and vendor managers the insight they need to optimize independent contractor selection according to their risk policies and the scope of work being performed. By enabling a level of scoring that represents the lowest risk of criminal activity, we are fulfilling our mission to build the most trusted contractor network available.”

ShieldHub is a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant criminal background-monitoring technology solution that enables a composite risk ShieldScore™ indicator for managing risk while engaging independent contractors. Unlike periodic background checks, ShieldHub includes continuous 24/7 monitoring and alerts when an independent contractor is out of compliance with the client’s risk policy. ShieldHub assigns each user a unique anonymized ShieldID@trade; (ABC#) that provides partners with evidence of risk compliance and assurance to independent contractors they have control of limiting the sharing of sensitive personal information with multiple clients or partners. Additionally, since the ShieldID™ number is owned by the individual, for the first-time independent contractors have complete portability to share their score to any ShieldHub partner while avoiding the redundant and costly nature of multiple background checks.

About ShieldHub

ShieldHub is dedicated to supporting safe business and personal interactions by empowering users with the information they need to monitor and assess risk. Unlike traditional background checks, ShieldHub’s technology provides continuous criminal monitoring and scoring to ensure that our partners are never out of compliance. ShieldHub currently monitors thousands of finance industry professionals and contractors, providing a secure portable background score that can be used at any ShieldHub partner. ShieldHub’s simplified contractor and employee assessment offers a streamlined, cost-effective validation and onboarding experience. Combined with standardized data and scoring, ShieldHub offers unparalleled clarity as to the scope and accuracy of the monitoring.