Introducing the Background Check Solution for Independent Contractors.

Being an independent contractor or gig worker often means taking on additional costs just to earn business. Today more than ever clients are continuously requesting background checks as a condition of engagement. This often means purchasing multiple background checks every year just to work. ShieldHub addresses this problem by allowing independent contractors to purchase a single background check and share those results securely with all their clients using their anonymous ShieldID (ABC#).

While background checks are an important tool for building trust, unnecessary checks also risk exposing private or personal data. ShieldHub addresses this by scoring each background check, so your clients only see a composite ShieldScore that represents your background history. Clients never see the details of your background report, unless you want them to. In fact, with ShieldHub you own your data and have complete control over who has access to your ShieldScore. By joining your client’s ShieldHub network they can trust that your background check is as ready to go as you are.

Unsurpassed Portability

Buy one background check and share with all your clients and customers.

Take it Everywhere

ShieldHub virtually eliminates the need for buying multiple background checks by assigning a unique ShieldID (ABC#) that you can share with all your clients and customers.  Clients can search your ShieldID and verify your ShieldScore from their ShieldHub account.

Security & Privacy

ShieldScore provides a composite background score that clients can trust.

Keep Your Data To Yourself

ShieldScore provides your customers and clients a composite score they can trust without disclosing all the details in your background check report. As a contractor, you’ll always have complete control of who has access to your background check data and can grant or revoke access at any time.

Built for Compliance

ShieldHub's fit-for-purpose methodology ensures FCRA regulatory compliance.

Engage Contractors with Confidence

ShieldHub provides clients tools they need to view and manage their contractor workforce safety. At the same time. independent contractors receive unparalleled insight into customer security requirements, preventing adverse actions that can prevent engagement.

Settle your Score with ShieldHub

The Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) adjudicates the report using ShieldHub’s proprietary standardization algorithms to create a composite ShieldScoreTM (IC Score) that communicates safety while keeping the details of your background check report private. ShieldScoreTM corresponds to one of five levels of compliance:

ShieldHub provides risk scoring standardization for the basis of the ShieldScore™ and is not responsible for the engagement acceptance criteria set by the Client’s Policies. ShieldScore™ considers both the severity and count of criminal convictions in the scope of the background check when determining a composite score. The visual matrix representation identifies thresholds for severity of criminal convictions, total of convictions allowable per level of scoring, is for informational purposes, and is not inclusive of every category or type of crime. IC01+ designation will be available to ShieldIDs issued or updated beginning April 2, 2024.

How ShieldHub Works

ShieldHub starts with the purchase of an FCRA compliant crimimal background check from an accredited Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) partner. The background is analyzed and standardized to calculate the ShieldScoreTM (IC Score) that represents the independent contractor’s background risk.

Independent contractors can share their ShieldIDTM (ABC#) with unlimited clients and customers. Customers can verify your score and invite you to join their trusted network.

Get Started

ShieldHub makes it easy to get started with comprehensive packages that are built for the needs of the independent contractor. Powerful features like ShieldIDTM portability and ShieldPulseTM continuous screening, ensure you’re always ready for work. Once you complete the simple registration process you’ll have the opportunity to purchase an eligible background check package.



ShieldScoreTM Eligibility

IC01+-IC04 IC01+-IC04

Digital ID Verification

Integrated Digital ID Verifcation confirms your identity ensuring your customers an additional level of security.

Criminal Background Check*

Comprehensive multi-county criminal background check.

Complete Portability with ShieldIDTM (ABC#)

Purchase only one background check and share with all your clients using your anonymous ShieldIDTM (ABC#).

Enhanced Privacy with ShieldScoreTM (IC Score)

ShieldScoreTM provides your customers the trust they need without the unnecessary details private and secure.

Access Control

It's your data to own. That's why we give you tools to completely control access and consent to your ShieldScoreTM and other data.

Always Be Ready for Work

Continuious monitoring ensures that your background check data is always up to date and ready for work.

Annual Subscription



Annual Subscription (New York Residents)

Includes all state and local fees.



* ShieldHub Inc. is an innovative provider of technology with the primary mission of building an ecosystem of trust between interested parties. ShieldHub Inc. is not a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA). To facilitate the individual background check process, SheildHub Inc. partners with an accredited Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA).

Trusted by Leading Brands

Some of the nation’s leading brands rely on ShieldHub to ensure compliance of their field services workforce. Join ShieldHub and leverage your ShieldID with any of our partners.

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ShieldHub supports of leading contractor trade groups and organizations.