Simplify compliance, reduce third-party risk and cost

Do you manage complex third-party networks? Do you want to simplify your compliance program, differentiate from others, and win more business?

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Powerful compliance capabilities for your business

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Industry Standard

Standard that simplifies background check reports, removes ambiguity, interpretation, and bias  

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Network Oversight

Real-time visibility of every employee, vendor, contractor, subcontractor, or field professional working for your business


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Proof of Service

Full audit history of every customer your employees or third-party contractors visit

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Customer Engagement

Ability to notify your customers who will be working at their home and when 


Your Benefits

Have the best third-party compliance program in your industry

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Simplify the process of reviewing background check reports, saving time and money​

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Remove ambiguity, interpretation and bias from your hiring process​

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Reduce costs of internal monitoring and compliance auditing 


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Promptly identify third-party compliance risks and undertake corrective action

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Significantly increase your reputation and customers trust in your business

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Differentiate from others as a compliant and trusted business

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Easily integrate Shieldhub’s compliance capabilities with your existing processes and systems


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ABC# is the Assigned Background Check Number (ABC#). It provides individuals with enhanced privacy protection, while enabling customers to have visibility that you have met the industry standard. Customers looking for a service provider with a clean record rely on the output from an ABC# to provide them with peace of mind that they can trust who they have working at their property. The ABC# is a unique identifier, like a phone number, issued to each contact the first time a background check is completed on them. It remains with the contact forever.