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Our Clients and Partners

Our Clients and Partners

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For Who?

Standardized “fit-for-
purpose” background

How It Works

Vendors, Gig workers and job seekers can get one background check for all work providers.

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Gain visibility of background check compliance for vendors, contractors and contingent workforce.

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Criminal Background Check
Integrations with CRM and HRM systems
Audited Industry Standard
No Hidden Fees
Unique ABC#
FCRA Compliant
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What is an ABC#?

The Assigned Background Compliance Number (ABC#) is a unique
identifier, like a phone number, issued the first time a background
check is completed. Organizations onboarding contractors request
an ABC# to validate who they are onboarding, creating trust
between all parties.

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What is an IC Score?

The industry working group created a solution that provides
for 1 of 4 possible levels of Individual Compliance (IC) to be
returned for each person with a completed background check.
The IC score goes from IC01 (highest score), through to IC02,
ICO3 & IC04 (lowest score).

Why ShieldHub?

A fast, seamless, global onboarding experience

Easy to onboard, individual
compliance, using mobile AI
enabled tech

Remove unconcious bias from hiring managers

Eliminate need to read
reports, leading to better
hiring decisions

Reduce risk and ensure

Remove the need to store
sensitive PII data with real time
updates on criminal convictions

Michael Evangelo

Founder and CEO,
National Mortgage Field Services

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Our excitement and joy over the increase of qualified candidates has been nothing short of amazing.
Digitizing the background check process has made this a more efficient way to get this completed. Our contractors can complete this anywhere anytime.

>> Customer Use Case

Nicole Campisi