Knowing Your Contractor (KYC) is Essential for Facility Risk Management

If you manage facilities, then you know the risks associated with unchecked vendors and suppliers on the premises. In addition to the health and safety of the occupants, you also need to consider theft and other harms that independent contractors represent. Truth is, buildings mostly operate through extensive outsourcing, and without proper vetting, independent contractors may be putting your entire facility at risk.

ShieldHub empowers facilities managers to engage independent vendors and suppliers to purchase an ID verification and background check. Unlike traditional background checks, ShieldHub is a scored portable solution that contractors can take with them to any facility.

With ShieldHub, you can start inviting and building your trusted network in minutes. Once your vendors are scored, ShieldPulse’s continuous monitoring ensures that your vendor network is always up-to-date and ready for work.

Register & Start Building Your Contractor Network
in Minutes!
ShieldScoreTM takes the guesswork out of background checks results

As ratings agencies have done for credit, ShieldScoreTM provides a composite score that streamlines your screening process by reducing bias and risk. ShieldScoreTM is based on the findings of their background check and corresponds to one of four levels of compliance risk.

Includes ShieldPulseTM Monitoring!

ShieldPulse continuously monitors scores against the national criminal databases. In the event of a change, the ShieldHub portal will automatically reflect the updated score. With ShieldPulse you’ll always know your facilities are covered.

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