Our Vision

A safer world for homeowners interacting with contractors who provide services to their homes.

We realized that we could use our years of experience and patented processes to enable great businesses across all industries to create a safer world for their customers.

Enabling your customers to know the contractor that is arriving at their home and knowing that they meet an industry standard has been a game-changer. Managing regulation and risks is an important part of business, but there is nothing more important than looking after your customers. We want to help you protect your brand and your reputation.

Meet the Team behind Shieldhub

Michael image

Michael O’Connor

SVP Business Development

Over 20 years of experience in technology. A results-oriented leader, with a history of building high-performance products and teams to meet customers needs.

Scott image

Scott Sorensen

VP Business Services

An innovative, self-motivated, and hands-on professional with 10 years of business analysis and development experience.

Marzena image

Marzena J. Miszczak

Product Design Lead

A highly motivated designer and creative leader with 10 years of experience across a wide range of digital design disciplines.

Manjit Gill Picture

Manjit Gill

Chief Financial Officer

A senior-level professional with a strong in-depth understanding of margin management, financial restructuring, and investor relations. Over 25 years of national and international experience.

Why Shieldhub?

Our Story


Shieldhub® believes that we can help your brands to build trust with consumers by creating industry standards and enabling homeowner’s visibility of who is visiting their homes.